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Plumbing Professionals carries water quality improvement system/water filtration systems for residential and light commercial application. Our line of Safeway Water Filters treat drinking water, city water and well water. Our line of Safeway Water Filters include:
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Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

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Fix Hard Water: If your water has high amounts of minerals, it’s considered “hard”. This results in build-up in pipes, water heater and other plumbing fixtures, stains and spots on dishes and glasses, and soap scum on bathroom tubs, sinks and walls. You will also need to use extra soap, detergent and shampoo to get things clean. Hard water can also be expensive, due to scale buildup in water heaters, washers and coffee makers, irons, etc. This means you might spend a lot on repairs and replacements. A water filtration system can eliminate this problem.

Cloudy Water: This could be the result from many different sources, some harmful. Proper testing is the only way to determine why you might have it and what you can use to clear it up.

Remove Chlorine–Since 1974, Safe Drinking Water Act, public water systems are required to maintain chlorine throughout the water distribution system. Chlorine is used to destroy any bacteria in the water. Chlorine also helps mask the “sulphur” smell and taste of mineral-laden water.

Better Tasting Water–Even though your water may be free of bacteria, it may smell or taste terrible. Instead of just hiding it, (see above) it’s much better to remove it.

Remove Sediment and other Contaminants–Well water and old pipes and fittings may leave small particulates in your water. This is not just foul, it will leave clothing and dishes looking dingy and clog up your appliances, irons, coffee makers, water heater, washing machines and more.
I have problems with my water, what do I do now?

Plumbing Professionals can install a simple drinking water purification system or a whole home water filtration system. Based on your water analysis, we can help you choose what system is right for you and your budget. As an authorized dealer for SafeWay Water, we can offer many options including whole house filtration systems, water softeners and conditioners, equipment to remove iron and sulfur, no-salt systems to control scale, drinking water systems, components, water treatment resins and carbons. If you want to learn more, you can download product information for your review.

For more information on purchasing a water filtration system, call us today at 843-291-9457.  Plumbing Professionals installs and services water filtration systems all across South Carolina.

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