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Plumbing Professionals
Plumbing Professionals

Master Plumber

In addition to unclogging drains and general plumbing repairs, our residential and commercial services include sink, toilet, faucet, bathtub and shower repair and installation, drain and sewer snaking and rooter, drain replacement, trench-less repairs, copper and water conditioning. We are experts at leak location, drain root removal, and unclogging drains. Locally owned and operated by Master Plumber Isaac Rosario, we offer the same service as the expensive plumbing companies, but with lower rates and the longest guarantees.

Water Filtration

Filtration & Treatment

If you’re concerned with the quality of your drinking water, you’re not alone. This is because in a recent Gallop Poll, nearly 60% of Americans said the “deterioration of water quality is our number one environmental concern”. However, selecting water treatment equipment is not like buying a computer, television set or any other “plug and play” device. With water treatment, it’s essential to test your water. This is because what equipment you may need depends on what’s in your water!

Water Filtration Plumbing Professionals
Hot Water & Water Treatment Systems
Hot Water Heaters

Installation & Repair

A properly functioning water heater is essential. Plumbing Professionals is a leader in the water heater installation and repair industry. Whether you need a repair or a complete new High Efficiency hot water heater installation we can help. We use the most modern techniques, machines, tools and materials.  We also carry a complete line of products and are able to expertly design solutions that suit your needs.

Heating & Air Conditioning

HVAC Experts

Heating repair and replacement
High efficiency gas and electric boilers
Steam heating
High efficiency gas furnaces
Wood fired boilers
Boiler cleaning
New construction heating
Water heater replacement
Oil / gas heating / Air conditioning

Residential & Commercial HVAC

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