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Hot Water Heaters

We work on all types of hot water heaters.
Plumbing Professionals

We are hot water heater expert, having repaired, installed and replaced hundreds of water heaters during the past two decades. What separates us from its competitors is the commitment to providing excellent customer service, abiding by all pertinent codes, and installations of the utmost safety. Regardless if you live in a single-family home, condo, apartment, mobile home or townhouse, you can count on us!

Plumbing Professionals is a leader in the water heater installation and repair industry.

We have the most modern techniques, tools and materials. We also carry a complete line of products and we are able to design a solution that suits your every need.

There are a several factors you should consider when purchasing a water heater:

  •  daily use
  •  size and type of water heater
  •  maintenance
  •  installation
  •  guarantee
  •  cost

We have experienced and highly trained technicians who use the most advanced tools and gadgets available.  Installations are repairs are their favorite words.  Plumbing Professionals can provide same day service & has an emergency service available 24/7.  Call Us!  843-291-9457

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